Baltimore Staged-Reading

Aug 15, 2018

On Saturday, July 21st at the UMBC Performing Arts & Humanities building, we held our very first staged-reading workshop. This workshop was to allow our writers to hear the words and music come together for the first time. It was a great opportunity to hear feedback from our audience as well, so we can improve our story during our pre-production stage before we start production in October.

This reading was made possible by our generous sponsors. Big thank you to the UMBC Theatre Department for hosting us, Lumpia Pansit atbp. for the delicious food, and to Russwin Francisco for believing in us and helping us share our story with the word. 

A huge thank you to our cast: 

Narrator- Don Mike Mendoza

Christine- Justine Icy Moral* 

Mary- Cheryl J. Campo

Tony- Russwin Francisco

Megan/ Marisa- Krystle Cruz

Dennis/John/Jerry- Diego Maramba

Bess/ Claire- Christina McCann