First Cut is Complete!

Feb 25, 2019

Thank you all for your patience in updates. But the headlines are true, we have finally filmed Nanay Ko.

In November, we wrapped the amazing production that brought our cast and crew together as a family. Over 20 days, we lived together, dined together, laughed, cried, and grew together. All of this was only possible from you and your generosity. Thank you all who came out to be part of our film as background actors, as crafty, as drivers, as chefs, and a solid foundation this feature film needed. We deeply apologize we couldn't update our Seed&Spark while the action was happening, but will work hard to include you in our journey through post production!

It's exciting for us to say we have hit our first hurdle in post-production: Editor's Cut. Our editors Lindsay and Katie worked really hard to get this beast of a movie together, and screened for the first time over the weekend. We are so happy that we have a real feature film in our hands!

More opportunities have sprung up since production, and we're exciting to see which doors will stay open. In the meantime, be on the look out for updates for our Nanay Ko Gala in April where you can meet our outstanding cast, a fun nation wide fundraising contest, and more! Just follow our Instagram for more (and immediate) updates. We'll be playing up our InstaStories soon!

And yes, we are still actively looking for donations to finish up post-production. We have an open GoFundMe account, or feel free to reach out! We are partnered with From the Heart Productions, a non-profit organization that allows your donations to go towards tax deductibles

Thank you again for your never-ending support!


The Nanay Ko Team