Crowdfunding to Launch!

Apr 07, 2017

What is Seed&Spark?

Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding platform much like Kickstarter, but geared for filmmakers. Many independent production companies, equipment services, and distributors and partnered with Seed&Spark and can directly donate goods and services towards the project. Instead of an "all or nothing" campaign, we only need to reach 80% of our goal to get funded, making Seed&Spark the best platform for our needs.

There are many people in the world waiting for our story to be told. Our goal is to reach out to a large community to support women filmmakers, diverse cast and crews, and honest representation of Asian-Americans. The donations we earn will go towards producing the feature in Maryland.

We wanted a little more time to get our bearings together after a busy weekend, so we will launch our crowdfunding campaign next week!

Click on the Seed&Spark tab for more info!